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Breather filters or simply breathers are a must for hydraulic systems requiring clean air passing into the reservoir, ensuring long life of system components. When used as a crankcase ventilator, it helps to prolong the life of the engine oil and the oil filter. Filtertech General Suppliers is a trusted Breathers dealer in Nairobi, making it the ultimate one-stop shop for all your breathers needs in Kenya.


Affordable breathers in Kenya

Oil breathers are fitted to various parts of the engine system, for example crankcase breathers allow clean air to enter to replace gas and pressure created when the diesel engine operates. It’s a part of the engine many people don’t often change, so check your service intervals and operating manual carefully for a breather filter change.

The function of the filler-breather is to clean any air that enters the reservoir as the fluid level drops from normal system cycling. It is imperative that good filtration is provided to clean the incoming air.

Open-circuit hydraulic systems need breathers, so air can exit and enter the reservoir as the fluid level rises and falls. In addition to removing airborne dirt, some types of breathers are designed to remove the moisture from the incoming air.