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Fuel water separators

A fuel water separator is a small filtering device used to remove the water from the diesel fuel before it reaches to the sensitive parts of the engine. Water and contaminants have a direct impact on the service life and performance of diesel engines. Filtertech General Suppliers is a trusted fuel water separators dealer in Nairobi, making it the ultimate one-stop shop for all your fuel water separator needs in Kenya. We strive to ensure you get the best prices and product quality from the best among fuel water separator suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya.


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Water in diesel fuel is one of the most damaging elements in any fuel system. High levels of water could result in power loss, filter plugging, corrosion of fuel system components,increased fuel burn and severe fuel injector wear. This is especially true in higher pressure fuel systems that are used to meet new, strict emissions requirements.

Engine filtration can be overwhelmed by large amounts of water or other contaminants. Water in emulsified form or free water is always present in fuel. Water is an eroding agent while fuel is a lubricant. Water removal from fuel has become very important and proper water separation of emulsified as well as free water is crucial for economic performance of any diesel engine.

Our impressive selection of fuel/water separators is designed to save you considerable time and money by reducing unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime. We have a variety of fuel/water separators and filtration systems available, each delivering high levels of efficiency. This makes our product range suitable for use for a variety of applications, across many of the major markets.