Filtertech General Suppliers



Now is the opportune moment to acquire the finest filtration solution for your car, truck, or machinery. Opting for the appropriate filters can significantly prolong the lifespan of your machine or engine, while neglecting to do so can drastically diminish the originally intended lifespan as designated by the manufacturer.

Oil Filters

Oil filters are very important to an engine this is because during engine operation, tiny metal particles and combustion impurities like soot and carbon deposits mix with the oil, leading to contamination and increased viscosity. This decrease in lubricating properties can cause a decline in engine performance, higher fuel consumption, and potentially even engine failure. Without an oil filter to continuously remove these impurities, the engine oil's lifespan would be significantly reduced.

Air Filter

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality air filters, specifically designed for heavy-duty off-road and on-road equipment. Our filters, which include PowerCore® filtration technology, provide exceptional protection and performance.

Fuel Filters

Our fuel filters are designed to safeguard your engines by ensuring cleaner fuel delivery, thereby preventing premature wear of injectors and pumps. These filters are built with heavy-duty components, such as baffle plates, seams, can housings, liners, and springs, to provide long-lasting durability and optimal performance. They are specifically crafted to meet or exceed the requirements of your application.

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters play a crucial role in the purification of oils, emulsions, and various hydraulic fluids by eliminating contaminants. These filters are essential components within a hydraulic system, which functions to activate hydraulic cylinders (also referred to as hydraulic motors) through the utilization of pressurized hydraulic fluid.

Fuel Water Separators

By serving as an additional layer of protection for your vehicle's fuel system, the Fuel Water separator effectively removes water and particulates from the fuel before it reaches the fuel filter. This ensures that only clean fuel flows into your engine, safeguarding its health. The presence of water contamination in your vehicle's fuel system can have severe consequences for engine performance.

Air Oil Separators

Vehicles use positive crankcase ventilation systems to redirect blow-by gases, but these gases can pick up oil vapor, leading to oil buildup and potential engine damage. To prevent this, vehicles utilize oil catch cans or air oil separators as filters to remove oils from the recirculated gases.


Our Breathers incorporates innovative thermally reactive advanced protection to effectively remove water and dirt from hydraulic reservoirs. The technology used on our breathers are to prevent moisture condensation within hydraulic system reservoirs. It actively expels moisture during each flow cycle, ensuring it does not enter the system. Furthermore, the technology media consistently renews its capacity to hold water during the oil-return phase, ensuring a prolonged service life.